Tuesday, 17 June 2014

ODM Decisive AR03 Limited Edition

It's been a little while since my last odm, so here is another.

This model is the AR03, and is called the Decisive. My one states on the back that this is a limited edition, and I've seen one for sale on eBay which didn't have that statement and had a slightly different face design (the technology maker rather than the o.d.m name).

ODM (or odm, or o.d.m) is a Hong Kong based company which was started in 1999. They were the very first brand from Hong Kong to participate in BaselWorld (2003), and have won many international design awards.

The watch is a relatively standard 3 hand dial design with a carbon fibre style face pattern, the o.d.m name, and silver hour markers. The back confirms that inside is a Japanese (quartz) movement. The strap is a hard plastic type which I think may be a replacement (and looks a little like a 90s Citizen one).

The unusual part is the other buttons, red top, and thumb pad at the bottom. These are there to control the TV remote control. The buttons allow you to choose between a TV and Cable box, turn the power on, and set up the controller. The thumb pad rocks to allow you to change channel (left and right) and volume (up and down). Pressing the buttons is acknowledged by a little Red light in the infrared transmitter at the top.

Based on the other engraved symbol on the back, the remote is 'designed with UEI technology). UEI stands for Universal Electronics Inc and they claim to be the global leader in wireless control technology. They were founded in 1986 and their patented technologies and database of infrared control software had been adopted by many companies in the Fortune 500.

Nothing exists online that I can find about this watch (apart from the aforementioned eBay posting). That means I have no idea when it came out (but likely in the 2000s)

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  1. Hello. My husband is also a watch collector and today we picked up a watch almost exactly like yours. The only differences are that we have the original band and ours does not say "limited edition" but it does say everything else! Have you found any more information since your original post?