Friday, 14 November 2014

Apple LED watch

Today, I decided I would blog my brand new Apple watch with an LED display.

Now, before you get too excited that I have a preview model of the Apple Smartwatch, it's not that. This is something much cooler and more fun, and you need to take the description more literally.

This watch is an LED watch, but in the shape of an apple (complete with a little leaf detail on the top and bite out of the side). It has a large 4 digit display in the centre which uses red LEDs for illumination. There is a possibility that it is an LED illuminated LCD instead, but I think that the light is maybe too even for that to be likely (although the shape of the segments makes me wonder). The module is one of the simple styles with only day, date, and seconds view, which seems to be the default for novelty watches.

There are no manufacturers marks on the watch, and I think this is just a mass-produced novelty watch from the Far East (likely China).

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