Sunday, 23 November 2014

United Colors of Benetton Wide Strap watch part 2

Today's watch links directly to yesterday's, so I've named this part 2. It is a different watch though, even though you may be puzzled if you've looked at the pictures already.

There are many watches out there which come with a variety of straps or attachments which you can change to modify the look of your watch. This watch is different, in that it is the strap which stays the same, but you replace the entire head of the watch.

Today's model is the red version of the 3 hand dial watch head, while yesterday it was light green. The back of the watch head has a single large screw which can be taken off to release the watch from the strap. The screw can be unfastened with a coin, and there is a small metal peg next to the screw to make sure the watch is orientated the right way. Inside is a standard Miyota movement which is powered by an AG4 battery.

Each head has a different registered design number. Today's is 7451 104 035, while yesterday's was 7451 104 015.

The watch was originally sold for €66, but I don't know if that included the second head.

It may be cheating on my blog to post this twice, but as there are two separate watch heads, I am still posting a different watch each day!

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