Thursday, 6 November 2014

XLarge 8777NW Tiger Stripe Camo watch

Collecting the 1481010 watches has lead to a few spin-off collections due to their collaboration models. The XLarge brand watches are one of those which started with a 1481010 and now this is my third XLarge watch (with more to come).

Today's XLarge (or X Large or X-Large) watch is a pretty simple design model. It is a 3 hand dial design powered by a quartz movement in a plastic case. The face and the strap are covered in a light brown, yellow, and white pattern arranged a little like Tiger stripes. The XLarge name shows on both the dial and the back, and the back also has the model number, 8777NW. Overall, the use of colour, the shape, and the materials make this feel very like the style Swatch is famous for. Inside, the watch uses a Seiko Epson Y121G module, but there are no makers marks for the watch itself. I've blogged a couple of other watches which used the Y121 module, and as both of those were very late 90s, I'd guess this is from around that time too.

The XLarge brand are a street, skate, and hiphop wear company which started on California in 1991. They became known due to one of the Beastie Boys being part of the idea behind the brand, but are still popular today.

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