Monday, 24 November 2014

Citizen Vagary FF00 Chronograph

It's back to normal today with a completely different watch!

This time it's one of the Citizen Vagary watches. The Vagary line are a range of normally colourful, but still elegant watches by Citizen which are still going today. I can normally only find them in the Far East, but the website links them to Citizen's Italian arm...

This model is the FF00 and is a chronograph model. It has a 3 hand dial design with 3 smaller dials, but the hands are mixed. The main dial has the minutes and hours hands, while the seconds hand is on the bottom small dial. The chronograph uses the seconds hand on the main dial, and the left of the small dials for the minutes, while the last small dial (top right) covers the 24 hr hours). There is also a date window at the 4 o'clock position.

This particular version is one of the less colourful Vagary watches but there are hints of colour with the small dials, the seconds hand, and the trim around the date window.

The full model number is FF00-S030005, and from the model number, I think it is from 2005. The number in the dial is slightly different (which I've found with quite a few Citizen watches, but don't know why) and reads FF00-S051075.

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