Friday, 28 November 2014

Deep DT009 LED watch

It's back to my strange fashion watches with this model from Deep.

This Deep model is back to following the usual numbering (unlike the last model). It is called the DT009, so is one of the lower numbers I've come across.

The watch is a gold coloured design with a large dark screen covering most of the front. Pressing the button reveals the lights for the time display. The time is shown in small LED squares, which looks like a dot matrix style, but the LEDs are only in the pattern 18:88. There are no special modes for the watch, with only a time and display possible. The two buttons on the right show the time (top) or date (bottom) and there is an inset button on the left to start setting (based on which mode is showing at the time).

Again, I don't know when the Deep watches were released, but I'm still guessing the 2000s.

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