Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Blitz Space Technology watch

It's been a little while since I blogged a watch with an unusual way of telling the time, so here is one today.

The watch is by a brand called Blitz, but they are another of the mystery fashion brands which appear through my collection. This model feels heavier, better built, and more substantial than most of the cheaper fashion brand watches though.

Based in the text on the front, I guess that the model name is Space Technology. It has a round metal case with two half circular windows on the top half. The main window has the hour numbers, but in two concentric rings. The numbers are the two halves of the hour dial with both 6 and 12 o'clock at the top. As you can only see half of the dial through the window, the time is read by a double ended hour hand, with one end longer than the other so they point either to the inner or the outer ring of numbers. The middle window has a small rotating cog shaped disc, and this is the seconds hand. There is also a tiny window in the bottom half of the dial, and closer inspection reveals this to be where the minutes disc is shown. The metal front is quite thick, so it is hard to spot this reading unless the light is shining in enough.

As there is nothing I've found about this watch, the date estimate is pure speculation. My reasoning for a date estimate of the early 00s is that it is missing from online which could  suggest late 90s or early 00s if it is Japanese, it has the build quality of the 90s cheaper fashion brands rather than the more modern lightweight design, and the lack of wear suggests it is on the newer end of this date range.

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