Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Nooka 360 Night

Today's watch is one of my Nooka collection, but something unlike all of the others I've blogged so far.

The Nooka brand was founded by designer Matthew Waldman who developed the unique Nooka style. I've blogged many Nooka and there is more info on the brand in the other posts.

The watch is the Nooka 360 Night and it is one of the high quality models from the brand. The watch is unusual for a Nooka in that it is a round design rather than the normal square. This is also an analogue design with a 3 hand dial (which is also uncommon, but I've shown one analogue Nooka before).

The watch has a deep steel case and so sits high out of your wrist, but this is due to the feature which gives the watch its name. The unique function of the watch is that the entire head can be rotated clockwise through a full 360 degrees. This allows you to set the watch at whatever angle is easiest to use, whether for normal use on your wrist, or for things such as driving where you look at an unusual angle.

This version is the all black model with black case, face, hands, and (Italian) leather strap. The face is textured, and appears more dark grey than black so the black hands can be seen relatively easily.

The watch is one of the newer designs, and I think it only came out in the last couple of years. It is still available from Nooka, and has an rrp of $285.

One thing about the watch I didn't find online was the battery change instructions, so I thought I can let my readers know. There are 4 small holes on the back of the watch near where the strap attaches. When the head is rotated to be exactly straight, these will align with 4 small screws, but just show the black case when misaligned. These screws release the front of the case from the strap and rotating section which allows you to get to the battery.

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