Thursday, 27 November 2014

Telva TI-136 TD2 Chronograph

When buying groups of watches, you need to try to recognise things by the photo. Doing this, you realise that there are a lot of watches which look similar at a glance.

Today's watch is another Telva (or テルバ) and has a passing resemblance to one of the G-Shock designs, but actually brings something a little special looking to the design.

The Telva line appear to be a low price range of watches with many different fashion watch designs. You seem to get a lot for your money though, as I've seen this model sell for around ¥1000 new, and it has a good build quality.

The watch is a model TI-136 and seems to have the name TD2 Chronograph, and it is a quartz LCD watch. It has a 6 digit LCD display with digits in different colours - blue for hours, green for minutes, and red for seconds. Above the time are three circular windows with segments in red LCD which show am/pm (left), alarm status (middle), and day of the week (right). The watch has 3 options, time, alarm, and stopwatch. The mode button switches between alarm and stopwatch (and activates settings mode), and the bottom right button shows the alarm setting.

The watch has a clear plastic case with shiny silver trim, and a completely clear strap. This gives the watch a really nice look, making it seem very shiny and luxurious when it catches the light.

The back has the Telva Digital logo, and also says this is a Crepha X design. Crepha are the manufacturer and started in 1989 with the mottos "Smile is extreme energy" and "Share the happiness".

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