Saturday, 29 November 2014

DKNY NY-6001

I'm off to a dance festival tonight, and I got today's watch off one of the DJs who is playing.

The watch is by the New York based fashion house DKNY. The DKNY brand was started in 1989 by designer Donna Karan as a younger more affordable line compared to her main Donna Karan New York brand. The brand specialises in ready-to-wear fashion goods and accessories for men and women. As part of the brands collection, they have produced many different watch designs over the years.

This model is the NY-6001 and is a ladies/unisex watch with a quartz movement. It is an ana-digi model in big-tic style, meaning that the digital display on the face is to cover the seconds. It has two vertical digits so the tens of seconds are above the centre and the seconds are below. The time is shown on a two hand dial design with a separate movement to the digital display. I mentioned the big-tic style for a reason, as although that is a Fossil watch design, it seems to be the same movement inside here as the Fossil watches (and it even says Fossil on the circuit board).

I'm not sure when the watch came out, but it's not for sale anymore. The original sale price was $75.

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