Monday, 10 November 2014

Trans Continents Holographic Dial 1030 module

Normal service is resumed today as I'm back to the watches again.

This watch is from the range of watches produced by Citizen for the Trans Continents fashion brand. This range of watches started in the early 90s and has many different styles, many having a retro sci-fi feel. The Trans Continents brand was one of the brands under the Tokyo based Point Inc who are a large holding company founded in 1953. According to the Japanese wiki page, this is a brand which was previously under Point Inc, but is no longer so, but I don't know when it stopped (or was sold).

This watch is based around the Citizen 1030 module, previously seen in a couple of the 1481010 models. It has a slightly squared round case which is quite thin. This is connected to a fine weave flexible metal strap with a smooth appearance and feel. It is a 3 hand dial design, and the seconds hand has the Trans Continents target/crosshairs logo at the centre pivot (with the same logo on the back and the end of the crown). The face is covered in a yellow holographic style pattern which is made up of lots of small squares which catch the light in a way to make it look like they are spinning as you move the watch.

The watch was made in 1997 and has the model number of 1030-H09394.

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