Monday, 3 November 2014

Axcent Monitor X4434

Today's watch is by a brand I've featured before on this blog, but with a different designer.

This watch is called Monitor and is by the brand Axcent of Scandinavia. Axcent are based in Stockholm, Sweden and were formed in the late 90s to bring Nordic design into the watch market. They use leading (and award winning) Scandinavian designers, to bring the Scandinavian design to the watches as well as to try and keep up with the latest trends.

All of the Axcent watches I blogged before were designed by Daniel Jakobsson who was their head designer from 2002 to 2009, but this model isn't.

The watch has a smooth curved metal case and lightly domed glass reminiscent of a CRT TV screen or computer monitor, and so I guess that is how it got its name. It has a wide black leather strap which is in one piece and runs through the watch case, but in a way you can still see a curve of the black leather down the side of the case. It is a 3 hand dial design with the face having large overlapping numbers for all except the 12 o'clock position, where the Axcent of Scandinavia name/logo is shown.

The model number for the Monitor is X4434. As for the age, I'm having to guess based on a few clues. The watch isn't shown in the current line-up or on their list of manuals, it is not found online except in a couple of auctions, it isn't by Daniel Jakobsson, and has a lower model number than the models I've blogged before. This all makes me think that it pre-dates 2002 when Jakobsson started, so is likely a late 90s or early 2000s model.

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