Wednesday, 12 November 2014

One Hand watch

The last few weeks have been rather busy with me forever checking the time and rushing between activities. With today's watch I can't worry about being accurate with the time so I'll just need to take it easy instead ;-).

The watch is a One Hand watch by an unknown manufacturer. It has a 1 hand dial design - yes, it really does have only 1 hand and nothing else! The hand it has is basically the hour hand and is a single red hand with a narrow pointed tip. Around the edge of the white dial are the hours numbers bit there are also minutes markers. The minutes markers are in 5 minute increments with every 15 minutes also marked with a number. This allows you to tell the time to the closest 5 minutes (along with the useful information like 'just before' and 'between') but you can never be too accurate. This is a very similar, but slightly more accurate, style as the Chromachron which I blogged before, and means that if I can't see the seconds and minutes ticking past, I can't worry about them :-).

The inside has a standard Japanese Miyota quartz movement with AG4 battery. There are no other distinguishing marks on the watch either outside or inside, so I have no idea on the maker or date.

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