Saturday, 1 November 2014

Seiko V531 Peko-chan

After yesterday's Halloween watch, I decided to go for something cuter today.

Today's watch features the mascot from the Fujiya Food Service Co., Ltd on the face. The mascot is a smiling girl licking her lips who is called Peko-chan. The Fujiya Co are a Japanese chain of confectionery shops and restaurants, and the Peko-chan character is often seen with life-size statues outside. Their most known product is the Milky Candy which also features Peko-chan on the packet. The watch face also has two other characters, a little boy, and a dog who also has its tongue out.

The watch itself has been made by Seiko and uses the V531 module. It is a 3 hand (or 2 hand and a rotating disc) design with the dog character on the rotating seconds disc.

The full model number of the watch is V531-7A20. Based on the serial number, the watch was made in 1986 or 96, or possibly 2006. The character has been around for a long time, so the date could be any one of the 3, but my guess is it on the older end of the scale.

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