Saturday, 15 November 2014

Super Lovers New Wave clock

It's weekend again, and I've chosen to blog a clock again...

This clock fits into one of my sub-collections though as it is from Super Lovers.

Super Lovers is a brand from based in the fashion hub which is the Harajuku district of Tokyo. They were established in 1988 by Yasuhara Tanaka and many of the characters used in the designs are designed by his brother, illustrator Hideyuki Tanaka. The brand was inspired by the London club scene of the 80s and became popular worldwide in the rave scene and 90s techno.

I've blogged quite a few Super Lovers watches so far (with many more to come), but today is the first Super Lovers clock. The clock is a round design with the numbers printed around the bezel in a 'runny paint' style of font. The clock face is in a black and white checked with the words New Wave across the top, the Super Lovers name and logo at the bottom, and two identical scribble style pandas in the middle (which I guess are one of the mascots Ken or Merry, or maybe both).

It is a 3 hand dial design with a quartz clock movement of the number RD6833D, and is powered by a AA battery.

As most of the watches have a 90s dare, I'd guess this is of the same era.

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