Friday, 12 December 2014

Aire B.U.G Jelly

Today I've chosen to blog the 2nd 'watch' I have by Aire.

As with the other Aire watch, this is really designed as a dive computer more than a normal wristwatch (although it is much smaller than the Underwater Square I blogged before). Aire seems to be a company or brand linked with diving. The Web links seem to show that Aire is linked to a company called Scubapro (or Scubapro Uwatec Japan to give them their full name) who are a registered diving computer supplier. This model also seems to share an instruction manual with the Scubapro Scuba Cross.

This model is called the B.U.G Jelly and is a round LCD dive computer in a large heavy duty plastic case. The time is normally shown in the centre with day and date above and seconds below. At the top and bottom of the display are LCD bars which cover residual nitrogen (top)  and Om (bottom). In the watch you can set the depth of the dive, time alarms, and a log/plan.

As with the Underwater Square, the instruction manual (found at is in Japanese so I can't tell how to set the time, or when the watch was from (although I'd still guess 2000s or possibly 90s).

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