Monday, 15 December 2014

Official Helen Hurtig Hole-In-One Golf Watch

Today's watch is a special commemorative watch from Hawaii.

The watch is the Official Helen Hurtig Hole-In-One Golf Watch. I assume this is either to commemorate someone called Helen Hurtig scoring a hole-in-one in a golf game, or it was a range of golf watches called Hole-In-One by Helen Hurtig. I've tried to find out about who this person is, but the only reference seems to be to the watches.

The watch reference in Honolulu in Hawaii and there is a reference to Golf III which may have been a course or event. There is a copyright date of 1993, and the watch has a model number of HH2159. It seems that there were many different designs of this watch produced, and they all seem to be from the early 90s.

The watch is a 3 hand dial design, or more correctly 2 hands and a disc. The minutes hand is shaped like a golf club, with the seconds marker being a golf ball. At the 8 o'clock position there is a picture of a golf hole and flag, and there is a black marker on the glass above so the ball disappears into the hole every minute. The bezel has the dimpled texture of a golf ball, and the design is completed by a black leather strap (with the watch title text on the back of one half).

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  1. Wow! Nice watch!