Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Storm Heaven

There are some watches that are a nightmare to search for because the name means so many other things. Today's watch is one of those, as a search for Storm watch heaven leads mainly to a lot of weather sites about watching the heavens to spot storms.

This watch is by the London brand Storm, which is one of my bigger sub-collections, and a brand which I've blogged lots of information from before.

This model is called Heaven and is one of the ladies watches from the Storm brand. I don't know if it is an uncommon design, but I haven't found another online. The watch is a wide rectangular design with a two hand dial. The face has a oily design glass with just the numbers 9 and 3, and nothing else.

The strap is made up of square plates, 2 wide, which are linked with small metal loops. The back section has rectangular links which are all fastened together with the same type of clip as the fastener, meaning that it is easy to remove sections to adjust the length.

Because of the lack of online information, I don't know exactly when it is from. It is a little like the style of the Academiplex from 2003, so my best guess would be that this is from a similar time.

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