Saturday, 13 December 2014

Spaceman watch by André Le Marquand

I mention in some earlier posts that the Spaceman watch came in many variations, and today is another of those.

The Spaceman watch was designed to commemorate the 1969 moon landing, and was released at the Basel fair in 1972. The designer was André Le Marquand who was commissioned by the owner and director of Catena Bulle Switzerland to come up with the design. Many were sold through different companies and in different configurations with around 150,000 being sold.

This model is one under the Spaceman brand rather than one of the other producers. It has an automatic manual movement, and this time it is without the date marker. The dial shows the Spaceman logo and has small text saying Swiss Made T<25. The back has the moulded picture of a Spaceman and explains it is a fibreglass construction. The strap has an unusual shape and has the Spaceman name on the leather at the back.

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