Thursday, 4 December 2014

Journal Standard limited edition retro LCD

There seems to be quite a lot of fashion brands which are popular in Japan, but relatively unknown to the rest of the world. Today's watch is from one of those brands, and another which I became aware of through the 1481010 watches.

This watch is a retro style LCD made by Journal Standard. The Journal Standard brand has been around in Japan since the 90s and has over 30 stores in Japan and Hong Kong (and also in Paris). They are makers of contemporary casual clothing for men and women, but designed for a modern world. The designs are inspired by American Casual, but with a modern take, and they are focused on creativity and quality rather than trying to follow all of the latest trends. The brand is part of Baycrew's Group which is the Japanese head company.

This watch is a classic design LCD watch which was released as a limited edition, but not numbered so I don't know how many units were produced. It has the same case shape and layout as the Casio F-91W, but with a multicolour design and Journal Standard branding. It has a two line LCD with day and date in small digits at the top and time in larger digits below. As with the 593 module in the F-91W, the watch has a stopwatch and alarm, a button to switch between 12 and 24 hr display, and an LED bulb light.

The printing on the front has the Journal Standard name, a JS logo, and the statement it is a limited edition. The back has an engraved logo with JS in a fancy font, but a different version than is currently used.

I'm not sure on the date, but I'd guess this is likely a 2000s model.

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