Friday, 5 December 2014

Super Lovers - From Tokyo With Love long strap watch

I'm blogging another from my Super Lovers watch collection.

The Super Lovers watches are a range of different watches released by the Japanese Super Lovers fashion brand. The brand started in 1988 and has fashion inspired by the London club scene, with a hint of punk. Their watches have been produced over the years in many different styles and using different manufacturers parts, so they may have been custom ordered, and you don't see many of each style.

This model is a punk/rock style watch with a long studded strap. The strap is so long it wraps several times around your wrist (but it won't wrap as well if your wrist is larger than mine). The watch part is a thin rectangular case with a 3 hand dial. The face has the Super Lovers logo (a heart in a Superman shape) and the text "From Tokyo With Love" and "Super Lovers since 1988". Inside, the watch has a Miyota quartz module, and this is using an AG4 battery for power.

I don't know when this model is from, but it may well be from the 2000s.

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