Sunday, 14 December 2014

Rilakkuma bedtime watch

Japanese watches seem to be full of cute characters, and today's watch is one of those.

This watch is for the character Rilakkuma who is a brown teddy bear and was voted the 5th most popular character in Japan (as of 2010). The name Rilakkuma means relaxed bear and he is quite a lazy character. His story started in 2003 and is that one day he suddenly appeared in the apartment of an office lady called Kaoru after deciding to live there. The character comes from the company San-X who are a stationary manufacturer who are well known for their cute characters.

This watch looks to be one of the capsule machine (gachapon) toys and so is likely one of a range of watches in a series. The face of the watch features Rilakkuma, his friend Korilakkuma (a mysterious white bear cub - ko means little child in Japanese), as well as another character under a blanket. The strap says Rilakkuma on thee long end, and the other part has a small duck on wheels. There is Japanese text which unfortunately I don't understand, and the small print shows this is copyright 2012 to San-X Co., Ltd.

The watch part is the usual basic 4 digit LCD module, and has only time, date, and seconds display options. There is a second inset button, below the display button, which is for time setting.

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