Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Orient Vintage LCD G600102

Today is another of the vintage LCD models, but another which I've not yet been able to coax into action.

This model is another from the Japanese watch maker Orient. The Orient Watch Company were most noted for their mechanical watches. They started in the 1950s, but made some LCD models in the 70s/80s which appear to be at the higher quality end of the market. This model follows the same solid feel and stainless steel construction as the other Orient LCD models I've found.

This watch has a model number of G600102 and is a rectangular LCD panel model. This is a relatively simple model with a 4 digit (3 1/2 digits) display for time and a 2 digit seconds display below. This model only has the basic modes with only time and date display options. There is also a light for nighttime use.

There are no hits online for this model, so I need to guess the date. As this model has more basic features, I'd guess it was an earlier model with a date sometime in the 70s.

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