Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Stanley STA-2006 Vice watch

I have many gadget watches in my collection, but the range of watches that this one is from must rank amongst the strangest mixture of watch and tool.

The watch is part of a range of watches by Stanley aimed at DIY/home improvement fans. Stanley Works (now Stanley Black & Decker) is an American manufacturer of tools and hardware and is one of the Fortune 500 companies. The Stanley Works company started in the 1920s when two cousins merged their businesses.

In the mid 2000s (around 2005), Stanley released a range of watches in Japan (- I've seen 6) where they combined a wristwatch with a household tool. This model is the STA-2006SV and online it seem to be generally viewed as the coolest of the lot. The watch has a piece fastened to the left side of the case which looks like a rubber coated cylinder with a screw top. But when you take off the rubber piece, it reveals that this watch has a built-in vice (or G clamp).

The watch part is an LCD design with a rectangular 3 line LCD (date, time, seconds from top to bottom). The buttons are all on the right side of the watch, and the modes included are alarm (x2), stopwatch, and timer. The back of the watch shows this is 30m water resistant and powered by a CR1616 battery. It has the name Advance on the back plate, which could be the model (or range) name. There is also the number A126 which I don't know, but could be the watch module. The watch comes with a thick black rubber strap which is a custom design to fit the watch case.

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  1. Cool, never seen before. Kasper