Monday, 8 December 2014

St. Moritz LCD Quartz

Today I'm blogging an old LCD which has a familiar logo, but not name.

This watch is a basic rectangular LCD watch with the name St. Moritz on the face. The name St. Moritz is best known as the luxury ski resort in the Swiss alps. It is popular with the jet-set and one of the most expensive ski resorts in the world. There is a St. Moritz Watches brand and a St. Moritz Watch Corporation, but based on their ranges I don't think this is linked to either of those.
The other symbol on the watch is the bunny logo of Playboy. The logo was designed by the Playboy magazine art director Art Paul and has been used on every issue since the 2nd. This logo is slightly different though, being a mirror image of the magazine version so I guess it isn't connected to the magazine either.

Inside is a very old looking LCD module suggesting this is a 1980s watch, and it takes an AG2 battery which is also less common in more modern LCD modules.

The watch has a 4 digit LCD display with time, date, and seconds displays. There is a second button which activates the bulb based light.

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