Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Milkfed x Freestyle Shark Classic

Today it's the turn of a special collaboration watch between a surf wear company and a fashion brand.

The watch is one of the Freestyle Shark watches by Freestyle USA. The Freestyle USA brand has been around since the 80s and produces rugged waterproof watches aimed at surfers. Their most known range are the Shark watches which are LCD models with a range of different designs.

This particular model is a collaboration with the Japanese fashion brand Milkfed. Milkfed are known for making simple and cute clothing which is designed by girls for girls. They were started in 1994 by the Hollywood movie producer Sofia Coppola (daughter of Francis Ford Coppola) after she had participated in a fashion show for the brand X-Girl. The brand is Japan only with no (official) stores outside of Japan.

This is a Freestyle Shark Classic model with a rubbery plastic case and strap (which has Shark logo and text moulded on the inside). The display has the time in large digits with seconds in small digits above. The design has dual time settings along with date display, along with dual alarms, stopwatch, and timer modes. The case is 100m water resistant.

The watch has special Milkfed branding, and comes in the same red as represents the Milkfed line. The Milkfed name is shown above the LCD and printed on the strap, and the el-backlight shows the brands heart symbol. The back has the text Milkfed <3 Freestyle Classic (or Milkfed Loves Freestyle Classic), along with a lot of etched hearts. There is also a model number on the back of FS84865-A126-10, and the earliest reference over found for the watch was 2010.

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