Friday, 19 December 2014

Mark Eckō Non-Stop watch

It's my last day of work before the holidays, so I decided on a watch which is a little over the top.

This watch is called the Non-Stop and is by Mark Eckō (or just Mark Ecko if your keyboard can't handle it). The name of the watch has caused all manner of silly questions online about whether it doesn't stop - the answer is that the brand hasn't invented some kind of infinite power source, so of course it will stop when the battery runs out of power!

Mark Eckō is an American designer, artist, and inventor who runs the billion dollar lifestyle and fashion company Mark Eckō Enterprises. Their best known brand is eckō
UNLTD, a t-shirt and fashion company popular in the hiphop and skater fashion world, and recognised for its rhino logo.

This is the second Mark Ecko watch I've blogged, and it is also pretty noticeable. It is a giant silver slab of metal, and is so large (at 6cm x 3cm, and 1cm thick), it has a bend to make it fit around your wrist. The watch has 2 inverse dot matrix LCD panels, the bottom one showing time, and the top one showing day and date as well as the Eckō name. On the face, it says this is a 16-bit watch, which I assume to be referring to the processor chip, but that is a little over the top as the watch only has alarm, timer, and stopwatch modes. Below the displays is a raised section with the brand name, while the black leather strap has studs with the rhino logo.

The back has the brand name and the logo, and has the usual manufacturing location (China), and material (base metal).

The model number is E95009G1, and the watch is no longer available. I think it came out around 2009/2010, but I haven't found the rrp.

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