Wednesday, 10 December 2014

J-Axis Exist BG923

It's a giant watch for me today, but one that looks more impressive than it really is.

The watch is by the brand J-Axis which is a brand name for a line of watches made by Sun Flame Co. The J-Axis watches started in 1987 and produce mainly low price watches for men, women and children. Their watches are split into (at least) 6 different lines/classes and I still haven't worked out what the difference is between them.

This model is the J-Axis Exist BG923 and is a large face quartz watch. The case is over 4cm across and has a military style with stencil font and visible bolts. The numbers are yellow on a black background and the hands of the 3 hand dial fit with the yellow and black theme. There are two smaller dials on the face, but those are purely for decoration, the same as the button above the crown (which doesn't even move). The crown is covered by a screw cap with a hard link to the case. This type of crown is usually done to increase the water resistance, but there is no mention of that on the watch itself. The design is completed by a thick black leather strap, which appears to be synthetic leather.

The back of the watch has the J-Axis logo and the model number, as well as the usual "modern timepieces" statement. It also reveals that the watch was assembled in China and has a Japanese quartz movement.

The watch came in different colours, and this model is the BG923-YE. It seems to be a modern design which is still listed on several sales sites, and it appears to have an rrp of ¥3,129.

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