Thursday, 11 December 2014

Citizen Vagary 1A36

It's not been so long since I last posted one of this brand, but I thought it matched so well with my t-shirt today that I couldn't resist.

The watch is by the Vagary line of watches by Citizen. The Vagary line has a lot of mystery as the main website you fine is by Citizen's Italian branch, but most of the web pages and sales sites are in Japanese. The watches in the line seem to be more colourful and playful looking than the other lines, but there are sensible looking models too.

This model is based around the 1A36 quartz movement, and is a much more plain watch than the other Vagary's I've posted. It is a 3 hand dial design in a rectangular case. The design is blue, white, and silver, with blue coloured hands (and a star on the seconds hand) and a blue and white leather strap. The numbers on the dial are in a stretched font, but there is no 6 or 12 with those just being marked with the dial pattern.

The full model number is 1A36-S034043, but there is no serial number to indicate the date. If I assume that the 1A36 module is an update of the 90s 1036 module, then I guess that this is a 2000s watch.

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