Saturday, 27 December 2014

Casio Film Watch Pela FS-00

It was another watch to match with my t-shirt again today, and it is one of a series I've blogged before.

This is one of the Casio Film Watch Pela models, and the one with the lowest number (but not the first). The Film Watch models are the range of thin and super light watches Casio started in the mid-1980s.

This model is the FS-00 and is a 5mm thick rectangular LCD watch. The particular version is from the Sorbet range and is the FS-00-4A and called Chilly Lilac (although it has a more pink colour). The Sorbet range was 10 different models in pastel colours, but the models also had shorter straps than the regular models.

The FS-00 is a data bank model in the Pela range and uses the 2190 quartz module. The display is set at a 30 degree angle, which is comprised of 3 rows of dot matrix arrays. The standard display has date at the top, time (6 digits) across the middle, and day at the bottom. There is an alternative display mode where it shows animations of animals too. The animals (dog, camel, gorilla, bird, cat, and squirrel) are shown for 10 seconds each and have 2 frames in the animation. It also has world time and stopwatch, as well as the 30 slot data bank, and there is an el-backlight.

I don't know when these models were released, but I think they are 90s watches.

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  1. I love these Casio Pela and Film watches. They can be difficult to find. I like the one you have. I too like to match them and enjoy the different colors and styles.