Saturday, 20 December 2014

Lawson J League memorial watch

Today's watch is a commemorative watch, but I don't know why the date I was significant.

This watch is a Lawson J League watch which talks about the memorial year of 1998. Lawson is a Japanese convenience store which is the second largest in Japan behind 7-eleven. They started in Ohio, but opened stores in Japan in 1975. In the 2000s, the US arm was bought out and rebranded, leaving only the Japanese Lawson stores.

Lawson are now one of the sponsors of the Japanese football association J League. The J League was the professional football league which started in 1993, so the memorial year of 1998 might be the 5th anniversary.

The watch is a basic 3 hand dial quartz watch. The dial is patterned with the Lawson name and the J League logo. The watch has a plastic strap, and the length of the strap is covered with the logos of all of the football teams in the J-League.

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