Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Alba Fusion ViViDiGi W160

Today , my watch is another by Seiko under the Alba sub-company (but was also released in other parts of the world under the Lorus sub-company too).

The watch is under the Fusion range, and is called a Vividigi (which seems to also be the name of a range). It has a two line LCD display, with the bottom line being a standard segmented LCD for the time. The top line is a dot matrix display of 25 by 10 pixels and normally shows the day and date, the month, or the seconds. If you press the REV button, it actually shows the ViViDiGi name scrolling over the display.

The reason for the dot matrix display is the memo function (and the watch also has the words "input 3 memo" above the display). The other modes that the W160 module gives the watch are world time, and multi-alarm. It also has a bright red back-light that shines through the LCD making it look like an inverse display

I think the watch was made in 2009 (as the serial number suggests 1999 or 2009, but it doesn't appear in the 1999 Alba catalogues). It's full model number is W160-4A10.


  1. I actually have this watch under the Lorus brand with the model number of W160-4A00. I was given this watch as a birthday gift by my wife in 1999. The watch is still going strong today in 2014 which is pretty good for a digital watch to be as good as it was when new 15 years later.

  2. i found an ad for this watch in a 1999 issue of SPIN magazine

  3. i found an ad for this watch in a 1999 issue of SPIN magazine