Sunday, 26 August 2012

Dinosaurs (TV) Baby Sinclair watch by Hope Industries

When I was in my teens, I used to watch a TV puppet series about a dysfunctional family of dinosaurs called the Sinclair family. The series was called Dinosaurs, and included Jim Henson Productions as one of the two production companies, and was released in association with Walt Disney Television.

The series is set in Pangaea in 60,000,003 BC, and was a sitcom around the dinosaurs family lives. Many names in the series are linked with oil companies (Sinclair Oil (who use a dinosaur as a logo), Phillips, Hess, Richfield, and BP) referencing the belief that dinosaurs were one of the origins of oil.

This watch was released in the 1990s by Hope Industries Inc. from New York (but made in China). It features one of the most popular characters from the series, Baby Sinclair (who shared a voice actor with Elmo from Sesame Street), with the LCD display showing in his baby bottle. The copyright for the watch is held by The Walt Disney Company. The watch head is Baby Sinclair lying in its basket, and the strap is textured to be like rock.

The watch only has a simple LCD module, with time, date, and seconds.
I really like the way these old watches promote themselves as having 5 functions, when that only means day, month, hours, minutes, and seconds! It also promotes that this has an adjustable strap (!), and a battery included (!!).

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  1. What is this watch worth? I have one and could use some Christmas Money. Ebay doesn't have one listed.