Friday, 3 August 2012

Boy London EF-501 - Elton John AIDS Foundation Limited Edition

Tonight, I'm going to a fundraising concert for Rivington House in New York which is a care centre for people living with AIDS.

The watch I'm wearing is a special limited edition watch released for another AIDS charity, the Elton John Aids Foundation in order to raise awareness as well as funds. The Foundation was established in 1992 (USA) and 1993 (UK) by Elton John. It is an international non-profit organization which funds direct patient care services and AIDS prevention education throughout the world.

The watch was released in 1996 as a limited edition of 20,000, and a number of other different designs were also issued. Boy started in 1976 as a street style clothing brand, and have released numerous interesting watches over the years (of which I will blog a few in coming months).

The watch itself is a dual 3-hand dial watch with each dial being powered by a separate movement (which takes an AG4 battery), and the left dial has the eagle symbol of Boy London. The face shows a large "a" which is the mark of the charity along with stating it is by Elton John & Boy London, and is a limited edition. The back of the watch states the Elton John AIDS Foundations name, the year of issue (1996 in roman numerals), and the number in the edition. It comes in a large metal box with an information booklet, dog tag, and plastic guarantee card with a print of a signed Elton John picture

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