Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Banpresto Super Robot Wars 10th Anniversary Watch

Super Robot Wars is a tactical role-playing game featuring fighting robots from various anime and manga titles. Known as Super Roboto Taisen in Japan, it included robots from Mazinger Z, Getter Robo, Evangelion, and Mobile Suit Gundam.
The series was originally published by Banpresto, who are now part of Namco Bandai.
The various web articles suggest the series started in 1991, however this watch was released for the 10th anniversary, and states Super Robot Wars was "since 1989". The watch was released as a limited edition of 1000 watches.
The mechanism on the watch is a quartz movement powered rotating disc. The hour dial on the outside shows the hours, as well as the half hours, and markers for every 10 minutes. That is good because it is the only dial you can tell the time with! The minute dial features pictures of the heads of various robots from the series, so over the hour, you get to see all of the robots, but unless you memorize which one corresponds to what time, the dial doesn't help!
The watch back shows the Banpresto logo, the series name, and the various copyrights (6 in all, with the only non-Japanese text being Gainax / Project Eva).
The metal strap has a expanding metal clasp, and can be adjusted in size by removing links, but also with an unusual ratchet mechanism to allow additional adjustment.

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