Friday, 17 August 2012

Citizen Trans Continents "Helmet" D299

Today, it's back to the Trans Continents range again. The range is one of the Citizen lines, and usually has some element of travel in the design.

This particular model is one of the LCD watches in the range, and features a two line inverse LCD display. Under normal operation, the time shows on the top line, with day and date along the bottom. The watch has a D299 module with dual time, dual alarm, stopwatch, and countdown timer.

The watch design is a little like a helmet, with the sunken display showing through the "visor". The watch strap is slightly see-through, and needs to be cut to size (so watch out if you have large wrists and buy one used).

The full model number is D299-L18943, and I think it came out in 1999 (but possibly 2009).

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