Saturday, 18 August 2012

Citizen Independent 1481010 Eco-Drive Round (Green)

In the 1481010 range, there were 3 different watch types that were part of the Eco-Drive range too. This is one of the two designs that featured the 7821 module (and the other 1481010 Eco-Drive was digital).
The Eco-Drive range were the main solar powered watches by Citizen, and issued across most of their particular brands.

The Citizen 1481010 range were the Citizen watches released in the late 90s to appeal to young fashionable people.

This watch is a 3-hand dial watch with a round face, and a date marker at the 3-o'clock position.

This design came out in 1999, but this colour variant came out in 2000. Unusually this model didn't appear in the section of the year 2000 catalogue with the others which had come out in 1999, but at the back with several other (new?) 7821 movement Eco-Drive 1481010s.
The full model number is 7821-S78607, the catalogue number is IT21-4476R, and it was originally sold for 9,800yen.

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