Saturday, 25 August 2012

Twelve 5-9 B Version SV Green

At the festival again today, but wanted something more sci-fi (to go with the Pet Shop Boys stage show).

This watch by Twelve 5-9 fits the bill, and it seems was also featured in the movie Avatar!

The Twelve 5-9 brand is released in the west by Tokyoflash and Intilegent Watches, and is another of the SeaHope watches. The brand is named after the way of telling the time with 12x hour LEDs, 5x 10-minute LEDs, and 9x minute LEDs.

This is the B Version (-all are lettered versions), and is one of the easier to read. When activated, the LEDs flash in a pattern (a second press bypasses this) before showing the time. The hours are in the left circle, with the top bar for minutes, and lower bar for 10-minutes.

The full model name is 1259B SV Green (due to the SilVer and Green colours)

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