Monday, 20 August 2012

Banpresto Eiji Tsuburaya 100th Birthday Limited Edition Watch

I've mentioned Eiji Tsuburaya in blog posts before - he was the head of the visual effects department of Toho who worked on the famous Japanese Kaiju (giant monster) films. He also ran Tsuburaya Productions who were part of the team behind Ultraman (who's watches have featured a few times).
This watch was released by Banpresto (now part of Namco Bandai), to celebrate the 100th birthday of Eili Tsuburaya, who was born in 1901. The watch itself is a 3-hand dial quartz watch, with a face that features the face of Ultraman and states it is a 100th birthday commemoration. Although the birthday was in 2001, the watch was actually released in 2002.
The watch box shows old pictures of Godzilla and Ultraman, and also has a drawn profile of Tsuburaya himself.

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