Saturday, 4 August 2012

Bandai Tokima Aquaboy Digirobo

As this is my 20th watch, and according to blogger, I've reached 20,000 pageviews (-it shows less on the counter on the page, but that's because I started that later), it's time for another Tokima robot.

This is the 1984 Aquaboy Digirobo by Bandai. It was released the year after the original Tokima Digorobo (which I've posted before). The watch is very similar to the original, but has a larger rounded appearance. The robot in this case is modelled as a scuba diver, with the face covered in a clear plastic mask, and having a snorkel. The back of the robot is also designed to look like oxygen tanks.

To make room for the larger robot, the strap has a different connection - a rounded connector, with an open back so you can see the robots back even if he is attached.

The model was released in 3 colours (the others I'll blog at a later date), and also appeared in a Japanese kids tv show.

It has the same style of basic LCD module as the original, with time, date, and seconds, and is powered by an AG1 battery.

More can be found on the Tokima watch range in my overview page: link

The original instruction manual

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  1. To make room for the larger robot nice pic..