Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Citizen GlassD Ana-Digi Temp - 8989 module

As I've mentioned before, the Ana-Digi Temp range of watches have been released under many of the lines of Citizen watches. This one is the GlassD variant.

The GlassD line is one of the most elusive of the Citizen lines, with no real information on when it was around, and who the target audience were.

The Ana-Digi Temp watches were the first watches to include a temperature sensor in the watch. As with all of the others, this has two electronic dials, and 3 LCD displays. The A1 dial covers time, and the A2 dial has seconds, alarm, dual time, and chronograph options. The digital displays show the other settings and have time, date + temperature, alarm, dual time, and chronograph functions too.

This GlassD version has a one piece resin case and strap, with the rectangular front of the module in the middle, and the buttons functions engraved into the plastic. The inside of the strap is covered in small raised blobs, which hold the watch in place, but leave you with indents in your wrist (as shown in one of the photos).

This watch also uses the 8989 module as with several of the others I've blogged. The full model number is 8989-S78551.

More information on the Ana-Digi Temp watches can be found on my summary page here
Inside view showing texture on the strap
Indents on my wrist resulting from the strap texture!!

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