Sunday, 19 August 2012

Pop Swatch Yoyo PPK 101 Pocket Mix

No watch on my wrist today - so it has to be a pocket watch instead. Or maybe a Yoyo according to Swatch for that particular release. I don't have many pocket watches, but I thought I should blog them too :-).

The Pop Swatch range started in 1986 and were of an oversized design based on an aviator's watch. The range had wrist watches, desk watch, and pocket watches like this one.

This watch was one of a range called Yoyo's released as part of the 1994 spring / summer collection. It is the PPK 101 meaning it is a Pop Pocket (PP) in a transparent case (K) with 3 hands (1), and is number one of that type/colour (01).

The name of the watch is Pocket Mix, which comes from the design with a different dial style for each hour segment.

The back of the watch has the number 6131 showing it was made in Japan (even though the back says Swiss made). The other number is 439 which says it was made in 1994, and maybe week 39 (or 9th March).

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