Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Casio Dual Time Alarm Chrono A178W

Back to the Casio LCD watches again today. The noticeable thing about this watch is that it has a huge square LCD display, with very large digits for the time, and a second line above for day and date. 

The modes on offer in this watch are alarm, stopwatch, and dual time. To power this, it uses a 2519 module. With a lithium CR2025 battery, it should have 10 years between battery changes!

Around the display, it mentions all of the features; WR (water resistant), dual time, 10 year battery, alarm chrono, and illuminator (which is a green light in the bottom corner) .

This particular silver model is the A178WA-1, and has a S-908N strap. It was released in the late 90s.


  1. Nice blog, I have this watch, however the strap has 'kinked' where it attached to the watch body, it seems to be a design fault with these watches for many years.

  2. Do you have a watch that has a lighter in it!.