Sunday, 5 August 2012

Bandai SD Dechonpa Batman

Over my years of collecting, I seem to have collected many kids watches, and have ended up with a lot of these SD watches.

This watch is one of the SD Dechonpa watches by Bandai. The SD stands for Super Deformed, and all of the watches feature a film or TV character with super large heads and short limbs. As far as I have found out, the range started in the 80s, and finished in 1994.

This particular model is the SD Batman watch, featuring Gotham City's hero in black. The LCD display is hidden under the head, and is shown by using the legs as a switch to allow the body to lower and reveal the panel. On this model, lowering the body also causes the arms to swing out showing Batman's wings.
It has a simple LCD module, with time, date, and seconds, and can be adjusted from buttons on the back of the watch.

This watch was released in 1989 by Bandai in conjunction with DC Comics.
As well as the name, pictures, and the Batman logo, it says that this is a "degital watch", and also that "This is No. 1 hero watch".

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