Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Casio Baby-G BGA-201-1E

Today's model is one of the Casio Baby-G watches. This line of watches is connected to the G-Shock line, and are smaller cased watches (I think aimed at women, but suitable for all). It has the same water resistance as the normal G-Shocks, and states on the back that it is shock resistant.

This version is the BGA-201 model (the 1E variant), and uses the Ana-Digi 5222 module. For the display, it has an electronic dial, and small dot matrix inverse LCD in the bottom corner. The dot matrix display can show either date/day, time, or seconds (and has a marker for whether it is in summer time mode (DST)). The dot matrix is also used to show the other functions; world time, stopwatch, timer, and alarm. Time setting is done through the LCD, and when this has been set and the setting mode exited, the hands automatically move to the correct time. There is an orange LED light, but this only really illuminates the dial.

They have been designed to have the look of CDs and records in a cubic design case, and was released in 3 colour variations. It is still available on the Casio website, so can still be bought now!

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