Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Seiko Duo Display H239 - Ana-Digi with speaker

This retro watch is a Seiko Duo Display watch from 1980/81.

The Duo Display watch range were a range Seiko released in the early 80s with a variety of Ana-Digi designs.

This one seems to be one of the more rare and sought after designs with a robot face style. It has an electronic dial in the top right, a 6-digit LCD display across the bottom (with extra characters below for things such as am/pm), and it's most unusual feature in the top left. The top left 'eye' is actually a speaker, the head of which protrudes through the glass.

Modes on this watch are on the digital display (which shows time, or date and day), and are alarm, dual time, and stopwatch.

It is all powered by a H239 module which was used in several watches, but only ones starting 502 have the speaker too.

The full model number is H239-5020

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