Monday, 6 August 2012

GSX Smart No. 17 - Simple Material Art Made On The Earth

This watch today is another of the GSX Smart range.
The smart range are all part of the GSX200 range, which has various sub ranges including the SMARTstyle watches under the GSX216 sub-range.

This watch is Smart No. 17, and is a GSX206 (actually, the only GSX206!). It was released in April 2000, and now shows as discontinued.

The watch is a very shiny 3-hand dial display, with no markings on the face except the phrase "GSX Smart No. 17 Simple Material Art Made On The Earth"

The back of the watch has a picture of an old style film projector projecting a clock face (with the time 10:08:35) and a ribbon with the name N.I. Produce Studio across it (but I don't know what that studio is).
The watch is 10 bar water resistant, and uses a 5518 movement.

The full number is GSX206MM-1 with a model number of 5518-H26272

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