Monday, 27 August 2012

Seiko Wired AGCM001

Today's watch is one of the modern watches from the Seiko Wired range. The Wired range is a sub-brand of Seiko which seems to have many futuristic designs, and hi-tech displays.
This watch has a catalogue number of AGCM001, and is one of those with a more fancy than normal LCD displays. A standard segmented LCD has 7-segments to show each character. In order to get the more rounded numbers in this model (and some letters), the display has (at least) 27 segments per character.
The front of the watch is dominated by the inverse LCD screen. The screen is also backlit, such that the part around the characters lights, and you get dark numbers on a light background.
The watch has a W603 module, and has time, date, and chronograph modes (with text before the mode starts to tell you which mode is next).
The watch was made in 2010 and the original sale price was 7,875yen. The full model number is W603-00A0

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