Thursday, 10 July 2014

Casio Film Watch FS-04

I'm feeling thin today - watch-wise at least...

So, today I picked another in the range of Casio Film Watch Pela, but a different model than I've posted before. This is probably the most compact of the ana-digi film watches, but is relatively basic.

The watch has a rectangular face with a small electronic dial in the top right, and an LCD panel (with a slightly unusual shape) at the bottom. The LCD has a 6 digit display, and there is a circle above the first digits which shows the mode selection. The modes, which are selected with the top right button, are alarm, dual time, and stopwatch, and there is an el-backlight too.

It has the same thin profile as the other film watches which manages to squeeze the Casio 2322 module and the SR920 battery inside. The movement inside is Japanese, but this model is cased in Malaysia. There were several different colours available, and I think this is the FS04-7M, which was part of a range called Sorbet (with most of the variations being a pastel colour).

The film watch range was started in 1985, but I think the majority of models (such as this one) came out in the 90s.

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  1. This is one of my favorite of the Casio Film watch designs. I have several of these in different colors. Sadly, most of them have dead batteries that need to be replaced.