Friday, 25 July 2014

Swatch Muuhh GG187

Today's watch is another of my vintage Swatch watches, and this time, or e of their sillier designs.

The watch is from the 2000 Spring Summer collection, and was designed in 1999. It is called Muuhh, and has a model number of GG187. It has a 'sort-of' 2 hand dial design, with one hand (hours) and one rotating disc (with the equivalent of a minutes hand pointer). It is the minute hand which is the silly one though, as it has a picture of a boy which rotates. There is a clue that there is something strange on the dial as at the 6 o'clock position it says Boy, but at the 12 o'clock it says Cow upside down. If you then turn the watch upside down, you see that the picture of the boy is also a picture of a cows face.

My one has had a replacement strap (before I got it), so it doesn't have the cartoon cow and boy strap that this model should have. There is also a Maxi version of the watch with this design, which is the wall clock size watch.

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